PUC: Class 1 pipeline filings due June 22

June 08. 2012 11:00AM - Last modified: June 08. 2012 11:44AM

Brent Burkey

Class 1 transmission line operators in Pennsylvania must register lines with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission this month, if they haven't already, after it voted Thursday to issue a final order toward implementing a gas line safety act, the commission said.

Pipelines are classified based on proximity to buildings, with the higher classifications indicating a higher density of buildings intended for human habitation near the pipelines, said Denise McCracken, a spokeswoman for the commission.

Class 1 locations are defined as offshore areas or any so-called class location units with 10 or fewer buildings intended for human occupancy, according to a commission news release.

Thursday's board action was a clarification of the commission's implementation order, and Class 1 operators must now file by June 22, according to a news release.

The Gas and Hazardous Liquids Pipelines Act, or Act 127, directed the commission to develop a registry and conduct safety inspections of nonpublic utility gas and hazardous liquids pipeline equipment and facilities in the state, according to a news release.