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SECCO Adds 14 Master Electricians in Four Years

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The SECCO Team prides themselves in being Experts in their field.
The SECCO Team prides themselves in being Experts in their field.

SECCO's commitment to the continuing education of its team members results in addition of 14 Master Electricians in four years, bringing the total to 15.

HARRISBURG, PA - Harrisburg, PA –The 5-hour Master Electrician license exam isn’t short, and it isn’t simple. Centered around commercial, residential and industrial topic areas, the test requires more than a cursory knowledge of the field. Because it’s inherently challenging, many electricians eschew it… but not those from central Pennsylvania-based SECCO. As a company deeply committed to the education of its team members, SECCO has systematically added the credential “Master Electrician” to those willing to raise the bar. As a result, SECCO now has 15 Master Electricians on staff, a number unprecedented nationwide among other comparable companies in the industry. Bruce Seilhammer, Group Manager, Electrical Construction Group, SECCO, sees this accomplishment as a direct result of the unique approach his organization has to helping employees reach their full potentials. “We really put our money where our mouth is when it comes to providing opportunities for those we bring aboard,” says Seilhammer. “We are supportive every step of the way, paying for them to delve deeper into their knowledge of the trade. As a result, our people perform like independent leaders, making the best decisions for customers based on their understanding of their chosen profession.” SECCO’s newest Master Electricians, numbers 14 and 15, are Ken Badstuebner and Bill Winand. Both work in the field, bringing their expertise to every project they tackle. Notes Seilhammer, “Ken and Bill are hard workers. They are proud to have their credentials, and we are proud of their achievements.” Seilhammer, current President of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) Association, is the Master Electrician prep class trainer. As such, he instructs electricians from around his region, including those not employed by SECCO. “It definitely is a nontraditional arrangement,” Seilhammer admits when discussing SECCO’s openness to educating electricians who might be competing with his company for jobs. “However, we believe that the customer, the ‘end user’ of our products and services, completely deserves peace of mind. In Pennsylvania, any person can say he or she is an electrician. Having a Master Electrician certification indicates a promise to the consumer that the electrician is serious about the profession. And it is incredibly rewarding to see young electricians grow. ” About SECCO Based in Camp Hill and established in 1969, SECCO, Inc., offers electrical, heating and air, plumbing, and remodeling and repairs for residential, corporate and industrial customers in central Pennsylvania. More information about SECCO can be found at

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