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The commonalities of health care, real estate and insurance

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In today's mobile world, consumers expect to access information instantly, with the swipe of a tablet screen or the launch of an app. Just as consumers experience an increase in efficiencies thanks to mobile solutions, so do many industries.

The same customized technology that helps you track scores on ESPN or check into a flight also is powering industries and increasing business productivity. Taking advantage of wireless technology, companies are streamlining communications, which is improving retention and increasing profitability. As the following chart depicts, there are many reasons why businesses mobilize.

Tablet and smartphone applications have clearly streamlined operations and changed the way businesses communicate. How can you harness the power of mobility for your business? Here's a look at what a few of the leading industries are doing:

• Health care: For an OB/GYN physician who needs to conduct routine examinations while keeping a close eye on a patient's condition across town, Airstrip OB from Airstrip Technologies allows you to view vital patient data directly from the labor and delivery unit in real time on your device. Doctors can closely monitor patients 24/7 and check vital signs to react quickly if needed.

• Real estate: For real-estate franchises that want to retain potential buyers by making agents more responsive, add Nice Office from eAgency to manage sales-lead distribution. Whenever a lead is distributed, agents will receive details on their mobile devices and can act quickly to close the sale without having to return to the office for more information.

• Insurance: Insurance carriers can reduce operating costs while improving the customer experience when going through the claims process by equipping claims adjusters with mobile devices featuring Field2Base form automation software. The application enables them to take photos and capture signatures to file digital claims from the field, reducing costs and decreasing the time to resolve a claim.

For ideas on other creative technology solutions for your business needs, search by industry at

Harry Martin is director of advanced wireless data for Verizon Wireless in the Philadelphia Tri-State region.


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