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Bill would raise Pa. Turnpike speed limit to 70 mph

By - Last modified: May 15, 2012 at 11:56 AM

The state House Transportation Committee has advanced a bill that would increase speed limits on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to 70 mph for all vehicles.

On May 8, the committee voted 18-4 in favor of House Bill 2119, which was first introduced in January. The bill raises the speed limit from its current 65 mph yet keeps intact other postings for 55 mph for tunnels and congested areas, according to the bill.

It also commissions a study of the speed increase’s effects on traffic and safety along the turnpike.

Some trucking advocacy groups say the only speed limits they’re opposed to are those that set one standard for cars and a separate standard for trucks, because the conflicting speeds are a source of accidents.