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Attention: handymen/contractors/plumbers

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Home Improvement
Home Improvement

Free quotes from local contractors for your home improvement project professionals in Renovation,plumbers, roofing, bathroom, kitchen and basement.

ONTARIO - VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR This is not just a snazzy pop song it is a sad fact of life. The rise of the Internet has meant the death of advertising as we had come to know it in much the same manner. You say you do not have the savvy to build a website, now you don’t need to. There is a place that people are flocking to in order to get their roofing done, to find contractors, plumbers and to get all manner of home improvement jobs done. That place is…….. This is your answer to the high cost of advertising. It is a proven fact that when a person wants a service their first stop is the search engine, not the yellow pages or the newspapers. This fantastic new website allows you to reach thousands of potential customers that are looking for someone just like you. Using the new service is simple. Signing up with this service will allow you to get invites and leads to potential clients that are looking for you posted job skills. You also get to bid on jobs that are posted that match your skill set. This method gets results. You could be winning bids and getting jobs the very same day you sign on. If your expertise is roofing this is the place to be. This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Classified Ad Need tools – you can find them in the classified ads. This new service allows you to buy and sell equipment, leftover materials and they even have deals offered by retailers so you can get the items you need for your projects. Find local suppliers and get quotes without wasting gas driving from place to place. Contractors, plumbers and others are posting ads to buy and sell all manner of equipment. The pricing is reasonable and you can get great deals that you would never be able to find on your own. A Freelancers Paradise The economy is bad and no one has been hit harder than independent contractors. If you are a skilled tradesman you can find short-term freelance work here. The problems facing skilled labor is not so much that the jobs aren’t there it is finding them. And this site has been designed to help your to promote your skills. The website has to major functions, one is to allow skilled workers a chance to get their name and skills recognized. The second is to allow people who are looking for those skills to find local people who will get their jobs done for less. Great Features This site has some great features. One of which is the freelance contractor “JOB BOARD” this is where you promote your skill set, and where people looking for those skill will come to find you. Potential clients post on these boards the jobs they need done. All you have to do is put in a bid on a job and wait for results. You get to bid on projects that are perfect for you and send estimates to the client for time, material and labor costs. The client chooses from the available bids and the rest is as they say history. Clients leave feedback and based on this you can get invites to jobs. The more jobs you do and the better your rating the more offers will pour in. It is new – it is innovative – it is the way of the future.

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