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Could your business survive a disaster?

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2011 was a record year for disasters. The key to business survival is proper planning - before a disaster or disruption strikes.

The Business, Industry and Infrastructure Subcommittee of the South Central PA Task Force and the Center for Disaster Research and Education at Millersville University have collaborated to develop the South Central PA Regional Business Preparedness Campaign. As part of this Campaign, newsletters are developed with articles from subject matter experts designed to provide guidance for business leaders to help them prepare their businesses for disasters and disruptions. 2012 is the second year of the Campaign. In 2011, 5 newsletters were published and a free one-day business continuity conference was held in November, which was attended by over 120 business leaders from the region and beyond. In 2012, we will publish three newsletters March, June and September on the topics of business continuity plan testing, business recovery after a disaster, and lessons learned. We also plan to conduct another one-day conference in November 2012. 2011 was a record year for disasters and many businesses were severely impacted, to the point that some closed for good. Many of those that did survive planned to make business continuity planning a priority. For others, it was too late. When a business fails as a result of a disaster, not only are the owners and employees negatively affected, but so is the local community or even the region. The better prepared individual businesses are to disasters and disruptions, the more resilient the community and region will be. This is the goal of the Campaign to promote the development of more resilient businesses in the region. The South Central PA Business Preparedness Campaign newsletters can be downloaded from: or Details on the November 2012 business continuity conference will be published in June.

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