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Community Event Details

PIVOT! - Understanding Change


Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Dixon University Center 2986 North 2nd Street Harrisburg , PA 17110 Directions


PIVOT! - Understanding Change (personal improvement vested over time) will introduce participants to the powerful tenants of organizational change management as well as skills that can be put into practice at work the very next day! Whether you are on the giving or the receiving end of change, your personal and professional success is tied to the ability to understand and manage the inevitability and opportunity that come with it.

Participants in this day-long session will learn:

How most changes come about within the workplace
What leaders expect of those are responsible for implementing change
Top mistakes made by leaders in advocating change
How to engage stakeholders in change efforts
Why it is our natural inclination to resist change
How to overcome our resistance to change
How to invest in change efforts
What our personality styles tell us about our readiness for change
How to coach and be coached in a change process
How to ensure and evaluate sustainable change

At SSGI, we are overwhelmingly committed to helping individuals identify, develop, and maximize their individual talents. Our new personal enrichment series (PIVOT!) designed and led by Dr. Norm Jones, empowers and guides you to learn more about yourself and those with whom you work. In our increasingly skills-oriented workforce, do not get left behind!

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Strategic Solutions Group, Inc.


Event Price: $125.00


Event Website: Online Registration Available: Yes


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